Praying for the Nation






To birth the will, plan, purpose & heart of God

through prayer and by proclaiming His Word;

to build His Church & to establish

the Kingdom of God in the earth.


To Pray for all peoples & nations:

"...for mine house shall be called

an house of prayer for all people" (Isaiah 56:7).


24-7 Pray USA

A prayer team of Apostolic Prophetic Intercessors

chosen by God to intercede in prayer for:

The Church of the Living God ~ America ~ Israel


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Prophetic Prayer


   Father, we pray with all our heart, our spirit, our soul, our strength, our mind, and all our life that we would be doers of Your Word and not hearers only.  That no devil would be able to stand in the way of our bringing “the charge and Word” which we have taken unto ourselves, and even spoken and acted upon for many years. 

   I ask for a reinstatement of all that is in us of You.  I ask that You bring generations of blood that has been shed in the United States of America for freedom to the fulfillment of freedom.  Honor those who have served, and others who are serving, on our soil and in other countries for this free nation. 

   I ask that you would raise up Godly leadership in this nation.  I ask that You have Your men and women at the post, the watch, with “the charge” You have given them for this nation.  In every state, in every city, in every county in this nation, I ask for and I decree divine protection over our military, our law enforcement, our leadership in the political realm, and all authority in this country. 

   I ask for DIVINE CHANGE in this country.  I ask that You, Lord, take your glory in the United States of America!  I ask that those who know You have given a “charge” in this nation would hear and obey that “charge.”

   I ask that Your people would have visions in the night as Job 33:14-16 relates.  May they have visions as they pray, read the Word, fellowship with You and wait upon You.  May they be single-eyed and may they see.

   Lord, let this burn into our mind and hearts: “You will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way, walk ye in it.  Do not turn to the left or the right, but go in the way I have charged you.’”

   I thank You, Lord, that because we have agreed, our prayer of agreement moves Your heart and You stretch forth Your hand, Lord.  May righteousness, truth, and justice prevail in this nation.  May the lives that have been given, the seeds that have been planted, the mighty acts, the mighty works, the mighty ways of the Lord, God Almighty, YEHOVAH, the very character of our God that has been planted and imparted into this nation, come forth now, speedily, in the All-Powerful Name of the Lord Jesus Christ: for Your will, plan, purpose, and counsel…let it be so Lord.  Lord, take Your glory!  Amen.



-July 17, 2013

Santa Clara, CA



The Charge



   Things are happening undercover, said the Lord.  I have My undercover agents who are going to be the ones that will prevail against the gates of hell for they are the ones who know, have the revelation of My Son.  They will have the anointing of My Son for perseverance.  And even for martyrdom if it should be so, it is going to come upon My people.  And you will see that I have been working for many years.

   My divine plan will be consummated at the end of the year.  You are going to begin to see My glory in this nation and My charge that I have given and commanded My people, it’s going to begin to manifest and go into operation in this nation.  And by the third month of 2014, you are going to know that I reign beyond any knowledge that you have ever had, beyond any revelation that you have ever had.  And you are going to know that if I have said it, and if I have purposed it, I am not a man that I should lie, I am not the son of man that I should repent, but it is written that My Word shall not return unto Me void.

   You shall go out with peace and you shall go out with joy.  And you shall be as the myrtle tree, the trees of Lebanon; the fur trees.  You shall be mighty and strong, and the works of flesh will be so far removed from you because My love is going to be perfected in you, that you will wonder who that person was.  You will forget that person because you’re having such a joyous, victorious, hallelujah overcoming time in Me that you are going to say, "God now, 'This is the way it should be.'”

   You are going to have victory upon victory.  I am speaking to you!  You are the ones who have to be strong.  You are the ones who have to sell out to Me.  You are the ones to take My charge unto yourself, and you must preserve it, and guard it, and keep it.  You must walk in that which I have imparted to you.  For this is the time of releasing, says the Lord.  A preparation for that which is to come.

   God says the battle has been won, and it’s won in the realm of the spirit and you are going to see it done on the earth.  He lets me know and you know that it’s going to be His timing, and it’s going to be known that the Lord God is the One Who has done it.  He is the only One Who could do it.  This is one of those miracles that everyone knows it couldn’t be done apart from the Almighty God.  Some may call it the higher power…whatever…IT IS GOD!  He is on the throne and He is not falling off and neither is His Son for you or this nation!



-Prophetic Voice

Apostle Bobbie Jean Merck

Santa Clara, CA

July 17, 2013


President and Founder

    of A Great Love, Inc.

Bobbie Jean Merck

Praying for Israel